Arundel Arts, Craft & Antiques Market

South East England's Premier

Tel: 01903 889816

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Open 7 days a week 10 am - 5 pm

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Arundel Arts Crafts and Antiques Market at Nineveh House is situated in the heart of Arundel's busy Tarrant street.  The premier Market for the south East of England has sixteen separate shops and a very large selection of items.  Fine art, porcelain, arts and crafts, pottery, silver, gold, ancient coins, vintage clothes, radios, gramophones and 78's, art glass, ancient glass, art nouveau, art deco, militaria, mirrors old and new, postcards, Victorian and Georgian furniture and light fittings, oil and watercolours, prints and etchings.  A large selection of crafts from fifteen different artists.  Rare car memorabilia, a suit of armour and an artist in residence.


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